A quick introduction

By the time most of us get to university we feel as though we have finally made it. That all the hard work has paid off and we are finally ready to be an adult and live independently. We tell ourselves we are ready for the copious amounts of drinking, the stacks of work and the crippling financial situations.

For me it was no different. By the time I got to Reading university I felt I had made it, that I finally got my life plan on track. I had spent the past year battling and beating my panic disorder ( or so I thought), I had learnt to cope with my dyslexia, my Asperger’s and well most parts of adult life. But then life doesn’t give two shits about our plans. By Christmas break, about this time last year, I took a huge step back. I was in constant pain, had seen more doctors than friends in the course of a few months and had no idea this was about to be the new normal. Not that I knew it at the time but I was just getting my first symptoms of endometriosis.

Endometriosis, for those of you lucky enough not to know, is in short hand where Satan himself moves into your pelvic area and while you sit there in pain you look up wondering which god you pissed off and how you can get back on his good side. This triggered my panic disorder and more stress than I needed whilst trying to sort out course work and exams.

Since then I have all but bounced back with a new determination to put this struggle to good use. I have picked up more coping mechanisms for pain, stress and mental illness than I have time to use and more self care routines than hours in a given day. As people we tend to neglect our mental health, and life tends to take its tole pretty harshly.

As a person I tend to be pretty open and blunt when it comes to my own experience with the more taboo parts of life,I never saw the point in saying your fine when you obviously aren’t. Nice part of this is you always know where you stand with people, and you can usually give better advice from the experience, and beyond advice sometimes our struggles are funny and we need to laugh at ourselves a little bit otherwise whats the point.

So from my blogs you can expect a whole lot of bluntness, honesty, humour ( sometimes a little on the dark side) and some tips and advice on how to cope with your own problems. So if that appeals to you please feel free to stick around, if not well find something you do like and read that! 


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