Handling winter exam stress

With Christmas exams it’s easy to feel there aren’t enough hours in the day. I mean sure this could be due to the fact that with the recommended time for coursework, tasks,  lectures and extra reading into account we are expected to spend 63 hours minimum on our degree at a time ( legal working hours in the UK are 48) and once you account for dyslexia, the fact that work is sometimes fucking difficult and takes a fair bit longer these hours can sky rocket so yeah it’s easy to feel their aren’t enough hours. Because there aren’t. BUT there are a few things we can all do to try to take the edge off, and no not alcohol ( looks thirstily at the vodka on the side…).


It sounds dead obvious but do not revise into the late hours. Research say it doesn’t work, we know from experience it doesn’t work and more importantly, sleep is good! Its not working, go the fuck to sleep and stop cramming. Which leads me to the second point.

Don’t cram

Do.not.rely.on.it. Just don’t. Some last minute running over things won’t hurt but seriously do not leave this to the last minute. Please? For me? I mean I know with me writing it, your lecturer saying it, your mum saying, your roommate who who has to deal with you  when you wake up cranky and steal their milk ( legitimately by accident this time) telling you I know damn well you will still do it, I just need to add.


Sleep, eat, breathe, my god what an original out of the box list this is. But I do not mean pot noodle here. I mean you are walking to and from the library, and working that brain muscle constantly about this time of year, not to mention the calories you burn to keep warm by refusing to spend the money on heating. You need real food, yep even carbs. Just remembering to eat dinner and breakfast can really just make you that little bit more effective for the rest of the day.

I know the once ever popular app kinda lost most of its following after that whole handle business, but there’s still that one person on there who has done no work all year freaking the hell out over these exams. Doesn’t matter which uni you go to or what time it is, they are there I promise. How does this help? It doesn’t but hey you get to see people have it worse than you, so calm down, at least you noticed we had exams. If you ARE the person on YikYak freaking out over doing none of the work then god bless you sir! You make me feel better about myself every time I check YikYak.

Mind Map

Or as we use to call it, brainstorming, but apparently that’s offensive, so mind map it is. My dyslexic brothers and sisters out their will know what I mean when I say these are a god sent. Long lists of notes all start to blend into one and there’s something about filling every corner of a blank page with colour coded linked notes that makes you think for just a few minutes you might understand some of the words you wrote. Even “Basal Ganglia” looks less threatening once it’s in pretty purple pen. Even if these aren’t your thing I would recommend you give it a try even if it’s just to shake things up.

Don’t stress the small stuff

Hint- it’s all small stuff. These exams for the most part are not worth a lot of credit. It’s Christmas for god’s sake, it’s practically December as students we should be worrying about budgeting for presents, what does your secret Santa even like, and how on earth your liver is going to survive the holidays. A few small exams, some last minute fixing of course work, it isn’t the end. Wherever you are in your degree it isn’t worth it at all. Get through it and take care of yourself. One grade can be re marked, re taken or even forgotten, so it isn’t worth panicking over, so as a collective let’s keep the panic to a minimum shall we ?